Everything After

Art installation & community organizing on UC Berkeley campus.


Everything After is a long-term, multifaceted, collaborative endeavor organized by Lark V.C.R. and Jadelynn Stahl, two Oakland-based artists, activists, and individuals who experienced assault.

We describe the project as an ‘artistic investigation’ of sexual violence culture, foregrounding art’s capacity for nonverbal, affective expression. The work aspires to facilitate a space to reflect and digest, to mourn and critique.  In addition, we aim to celebrate the power of solidarity and community cultivation of resilience, imagining a world in which experiences of violence are heard, held and transformed.

The installation component of Everything After is on view at Berkeley Center for New Media commons space at Moffitt Library, outside the Free Speech Movement Café. Lark created the installations, with invaluable support from Jadelynn. The first installment (Sept-Nov 2015) featured a blown-up apology letter written by Geoff Marcy, who resigned after public outcry over his history of sexual harassment. Passerbys (largely students) were given an opportunity to correct his nonapology; the installation became a forum to address Marcy’s unwillingness to acknowledge the harm he caused, and the failure of the administration to take action against his abuses. The second installment in the window (Dec 2015 – June 2016) is a natural history museum-style display on opossums. Opossum Impressions is a response to the phenomenon of opossums appearing in Cal Title IX sexual assault trainings, where the marsupials infamous defense mechanism of “playing dead” is used as a way to explain why people might not “fight back” during an assault.

We also organized several events: a discussion on intersectionality and sexual violence, and a teach-in on principles of transformative justice by Mia Mingus of the Bay Area Transformative Justice Coalition.

In December, we joined several graduate students from the UAW Student-Worker’s Union to form the Berkeley Coalition Against Sexual Violence, and worked to organize the Survivors’ Symposium for April 2nd, 2016.



Lark V.C.R. is a filmmaker, performance artist, and MFA candidate in Art Practice at UC Berkeley. Using humor within a critical queer framework, Lark tackles subjects as diverse as privacy of health data, compulsory engagement with social media, and sexual violence culture.

Jadelynn Stahl is a radical, interdisciplinary performance artist, activist and organizer. She is the founder and lead coordinator of DISCLOSE, an Oakland-based collective dedicated to the facilitation of public dialogues which contribute to the eradication of gender-based violence.